Our Impact

We believe that each individual can make a difference in the world, and our Jesuit mission of social justice has led us to share our expertise with rural and indigenous peoples worldwide, empowering them to shape and drive positive change in their communities.

CIED programs have had a profound impact on the lives and communities of tens of thousands of participants worldwide. Graduates of CIED programs are leaders working for positive change in their communities and bringing new cultural understanding to a broad range of professional fields.

CIED is proud to be among the top organizations educating Afro-Latinos, indigenous people, women in non-traditional fields, and people with disabilities. Read our impact case studies here and throughout our website to learn how CIED’s programs are empowering individuals and creating positive change in communities worldwide.

Case Studies

Bouchra Messaoudi speaks to students in a classroom.

Bouchra Messaoudi

Bouchra Messaoudi, 2018 SLP Alumna, develops awareness campaign about helping adults with Down’s syndrome in Ourgala, Algeria.

Cindy Villalobos teaching adults in a classroom.

Cindy Villalobos

Central American Youth Ambassador program has had a profound impact on alum and her community.

Edwin Morataya standing in front of a park water fountain

Edwin Morataya

Youth Ambassador Alum receives prestigious Walton International Scholarship award to attend Harding University in Searcy, Arkansas to study computer science.

Ekram Aljadidi with children in a classroom.

Ekram Aljadidi

Ekram Aljadidi, 2017 SLP Alumna, creates extra-curricular programs to inspire 67 children in Tripoli, Libya, to seek out knowledge.

Elise Landier

Elise Landier

French business student from the University of Versailles learns about American society and culture as it related to business negotiations.

Emily Ferris

Emily Ferlis

English Language Fellow in Bulgaria taught English and American culture at the University of Plovdiv.

Imane El Hadiri

Imane El Hadiri

“Attending Georgetown’s Managing in a Global Context Program was an opportunity for me to enhance my professional and managerial knowledge and capacities.”

Mario García showing a workbook to children in classroom.

Mario García

Mario is a prime example of the impact that an investment in a single person can have on a community.

Mark Dorr standing next to a table with books and talking on a microphone to people.

Mark Dorr

The English Language Fellowship program didn’t just change Mark Dorr’s place in the world; it changed how he saw it.

Mayra Orellana-Powell

Mayra Orellana-Powell

CASS Alum creates thriving locally led group of traditional small farmers in Honduras to export high-quality coffee to the U.S.

Mohammad Aljilani

Mohammad Aljilani

Mohammad believes in the power of diversity and describes the lessons learned with the Student Leaders Program (SLP) at Portland State University in 2019.

Nacereddine Semmar

Nacereddine Semmar

Nacereddine Semmar, 2017 SLP Alumnus, inspires over 100 fellow university students to develop their skills through a series of professional development workshops.

Razan Amine helping children with reading skills.

Razan Amine

2018 SLP Alumna, helps 60 Syrian refugee children improve their literacy rates in the Ketermaya Camp in Mount Lebanon.

Rula Fakhoury with volunteers packing hygiene kits.

Rula Fakhoury

2018 SLP Alumna, shares hygienic practices and materials with 600 children from Ra’as Al Naqab, Jordan

Safae Mefetah

Safae Mefetah

2018 Student Leader Alumna from Morocco Supports Moroccan Arts and Crafts cooperatives through Social Entrepreneurship to overcome new challenges.

Salyne El Samarany

Salyne El Samarany

MEPI instilled in me the core value of celebrating the value of diversity with a continuous pursuit of equality.

Sara Eliza Pérez teaching young students in a classroom.

Sara Eliza Pérez

Sara Eliza Pérez inspires local youth to develop their future in El Salvador.

Basketball youth players huddled together raising a trophy.

Vanja Subašić

Sports Diplomacy Alum developed basketball program for youth with physical and mental disabilities in Teslić, Bosnia and Herzegovina.