Gateway to Georgetown Programs

Through its Gateway to Georgetown Program, CIED creates tailored academic training and exchanges for people from around the world. These programs bring groups of business executives, government officials, and students to Georgetown University for intensive academic instruction, professional networking, and cultural exposure to the United States.

Program Details

Gateway programs can be crafted around Georgetown’s many academic strengths, including business, public administration, international relations, and American studies. An interactive curriculum of classroom sessions led by renowned faculty and professional site visits led by leaders in business and government allow students and executives from around the world to gain an insider view on how business and government function in the United States.

CIED partners with universities, businesses, government, and organizations to design tailor-made, short-term programs. Gateway programs approach a variety of subjects highlighting the American viewpoint, allowing students and professionals to deepen their global understanding of their field and gain new perspectives about American society.

Academic sessions led by Georgetown University faculty and experts enhance participants’ academic knowledge, specialized skills, and understanding of global issues. Professional site visits with businesses, organizations, associations, and government entities provide unique opportunities to network internationally.

In addition to core training program activities, CIED can manage exchange logistics (housing, meals, transportation) and cultural programming in the Washington, D.C., area and beyond.

Gateway to Georgetown Programs are privately funded by our partners. CIED has administered this initiative since 2002.

Program Impact

CIED’s Gateway to Georgetown Program impacts individuals as well as their companies or organizations. Training and networking opportunities give participants expanded knowledge that supports their academic research and professional development. Many participants have used this training as the basis of their theses or to promote new initiatives in the workplace.

Many participants remain in touch with the professional contacts they develop in the United States. This has led to international collaboration, mentoring, joint projects, and business ventures. Like all of CIED’s work, Gateway to Georgetown programs are global in scope, as they build bridges of connection and understanding between people from many parts of the world.

Featured News

Case Studies

Elise Landier

Elise Landier

French business student from the University of Versailles learns about American society and culture as it related to business negotiations.…

Imane El Hadiri

Imane El Hadiri

“Attending Georgetown’s Managing in a Global Context Program was an opportunity for me to enhance my professional and managerial knowledge and capacities.”…

“This program has given me an overall view of how international relations really work. It has been an eye opener for me and has provided me with necessary professional tools to really follow through on my own professional expectations.”

Carmen Mateo Ribera, Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid

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