With a dedicated and diverse staff of over 30 people, CIED is well equipped to develop, organize, and implement programs of any size around the world.


Chantal Santelices – Executive Director
Roque Viegas – Director, Finance and Administration
Magda Potocka – Director, English Language Programs
Chris Shirley – Director, Latin American Programs and Business Development
Paul Silva – Director, MEPI Student Leaders Program
Amy Telford – Director, Gateway to Georgetown Programs

Gateway to Georgetown Programs

English Language Programs

Toni Hull – Associate Program Director
Abigail Bruhlmann – Manager
Kyle Kaminski – Manager
Lara Neeley – Manager
Katie Subra – Manager
Rachel Coyne – Coordinator
Terrell Hawkins – Coordinator
Kimberley Gamez – Coordinator
Kevin Gilman – Coordinator
Nick Gordon – Coordinator
Lauren Gore – Coordinator
Shari Moore – Coordinator
Emalee Mountain – Coordinator
Robert Palisin – Coordinator
Marie Pineda – Coordinator
Andrew Shannon – Coordinator
Ben Taylor – Coordinator
Thomas Tischler – Coordinator
Rachel Wang – Coordinator
Zhana Welch – Coordinator

Youth Ambassadors

Samantha Noble – Senior Program Coordinator
Molly Okuneff – Senior Program Coordinator

MEPI Student Leaders Program

Aalaa Abuzaakouk – Assistant Director
Sara Grzywacz – Program Coordinator

Finance and Administration

Andrea Heatley – Senior Accountant
Brasilia Figueroa – Grants and Contracts Administrator
Maria Dsouza – Accountant
Lucas Thompson – Accountant
Susana Quinonez – Administrative Officer
Jorge Abeledo – Manager, Program Evaluation and Technology