Sports Diplomacy Programs

CIED’s Sports Diplomacy programs are international people-to-people exchanges that build mutual understanding and cooperation through sports. Programs bring together those interested in sports, recreation, and leadership to promote tolerance, cooperation, and life skills using the platform of sports teamwork. These programs also give participants confidence and leadership skills that allow them to succeed in life. CIED partners with Georgetown Athletics allowing student and alumni athletes to make a difference in the world.

Program Details

CIED employs two basic models for sports diplomacy initiatives. In our Youth Camps, Georgetown coaches, athletes, and former players coach and mentor young athletes abroad. Young people enhance their sports skills while at the same time learning about how sports values can help them succeed in life. Trainings highlight skills such as perseverance, sportsmanship, teamwork, leadership, and integrity which are as important in life as they are on any sports team.

The second model, Coach Training Workshops, allows coaches of youth teams to develop their sports coaching and training abilities. Coaches also learn leadership skills that allow them work successfully with at-risk youth and players from communities in conflict.

CIED is working to expand successful models launched in Eastern Europe to other communities around the world.

Sports Diplomacy Programs have been sponsored by the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State with the support of individuals and corporations. CIED has conducted Sports Diplomacy initiatives since 2009.

Case Studies

Vanja Subašic

Vanja is a career basketball coach, educator, and sports management professional, and this program was a perfect means for him to put his experience and passion into action. With the financial and administrative support of institutional partners, Vanja and his team were able to purchase quality sports equipment and accessories and provide excellent coaching and support the children.

“This program provided me with the opportunity not only to develop and broaden my basketball skills but also to meet people from another culture and learn about their culture and traditions.”

-Azra Becirovic, Bosnia and Herzegovina