Paul Silva

  • Director, MEPI Student Leaders Program

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Paul Silva directs leadership and training programs for youth and professionals. He currently runs the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) program. Paul has also directed the Central America Youth Ambassadors program, the Scholarships for Education and Economic Development program, the Cuba Scholarship Program, the Indigenous and Afro-Latino Scholarship program and the FLEX Disabled Youth Leadership program.

Prior to his youth work with Georgetown University, Paul worked for the Hesperian Foundation in rural Mexico and was a two-term Peace Corps Volunteer in Chile and Paraguay focusing on developing disability education and business programs. Additionally, he worked as a consultant for Appropriate Technology International and the InterAmerican Foundation.

Originally from Petaluma, California, Paul has completed professional certificate programs in International Finance and International Business Management from Georgetown University and has a B.S. degree in Human Development from the University of California at Davis. He is also a Certified Research Administrator (CRA).

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MEPI Student Leaders Program

The MEPI Student Leaders Program is a U.S. Department of State sponsored exchange program for undergraduate student leaders from the Middle East and North Africa. The CIED-designed curriculum allows students to develop leadership skills and expand their understanding of civil society and democratic leadership.

Central American Youth Ambassadors

The CAYA Program is a U.S. Department of State youth exchange designed to strengthen the leadership skills of young people from Central America and the United States. This multi-national exchange also builds bonds of friendship and understanding between people of Central America and people of the United States.

Scholarship for Education and Economic Development

The SEED Program is a USAID sponsored exchange initiative that provides U.S.-based technical training to youth and community leaders. The program creates productive and mutually beneficial academic, economic, and social relationships that benefit people of the United States and the Latin American/Caribbean region.