Youth Programming

Youth development has been a key element of CIED programming since our founding in 1981. Our leadership development, English language, and intercultural immersion programs for youth have made a significant impact in the lives of young people from the Caribbean and Central America to the Middle East and Africa. Federally funded youth programs administered and implemented by CIED share a common goal: preparing global citizens to lead, serve, and change the world.

We gained international recognition for our role in designing and implementing all aspects of the CASS/SEED program. Through that program, begun in 1985, we refined and perfected a model for training and educating talented youth leaders from rural and remote areas of the world. In the 30 years since the start of CASS/SEED, we have applied that model in every area of the world.

CIED's youth programming work continues with the MEPI Student Leaders and the Youth Ambassadors programs characterized by a focus on the individual student. Direct, personal interaction between program administrators and participants is essential to ensuring the highest quality experience, and this is especially true in working with youth. Our dedicated, professional staff is deeply invested in the success of each participant and support every individual at each stage of the program experience.

Related Programs

Central American Youth Ambassadors

The CAYA Program is a U.S. Department of State youth exchange designed to strengthen the leadership skills of young people from Central America and the United States. This multi-national exchange also builds bonds of friendship and understanding between people of Central America and people of the United States. CIED continues this work as a partner in the Youth Ambassadors consortium.

Scholarship for Education and Economic Development

The SEED Program was a USAID sponsored exchange initiative that provides U.S.-based technical training to youth and community leaders. The program creates productive and mutually beneficial academic, economic, and social relationships that benefit people of the United States and the Latin American/Caribbean region.

MEPI Student Leaders Program

The MEPI Student Leaders Program is a U.S. Department of State sponsored exchange program for undergraduate student leaders from the Middle East and North Africa. The CIED-designed curriculum allows students to develop leadership skills and expand their understanding of civil society and democratic leadership.