Salyne El Samarany

p06-1_268062_616494_largeAfter participating in Georgetown University’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI) program in 2007, Salyne El Samarany was able to expand her involvement in civil society issues. She is a firm believer in the importance of providing an excellent education for children and of eliminating education inequality. She is the CEO of Teach for Lebanon, an organization involved in improving the quality of education in Lebanon, and has represented her home country of Lebanon at several international conferences. In 2011, she was named the Lebanese Ambassador of Youth for the Arab Thought Foundation.

Salyne knows that her participation in the MEPI program was instrumental on her life and her career. The program led her to pursue a career in promoting equal educational opportunities for Lebanese children, a cause which she believes is critical to her nation’s well-being.

“MEPI instilled in me the core value of celebrating the value of diversity with a continuous pursuit of equality. Living with a group of people from the Arab world who are all so different and diverse highlighted the importance of gaining exposure to other cultures, understanding others’ perspectives, and finding mutual ground of agreement.”

Salyne is a Nutrition and Diet Therapist graduate from the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik and is currently pursuing her studies in Masters of Business Administration and Management at the University of Balamand.

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