Elise Landier

Elise Landier is a graduate student at the University of Versailles studying global business management and purchasing. As part of the curriculum, all University of Versailles students spend a week studying at Georgetown University CIED. The week in DC not only provides students with personalized instruction, it also gives them first-hand insight into international relations and the roles that culture and language play in business.

The week in Georgetown is a change of pace for students like Elise in a number of ways. Elise was surprised at the amount of personal attention each student received from the professors.

“As non-native English speakers, following every lecture and class in English is new for most of us and requires more work and attention than taking classes in our native French. However, we became less and less shy because every professor asks us to participate. For us, this kind of exchange is not usual between the student and their professor during the lesson.”

For Elise, her experience at Georgetown was an instrumental piece of her studies. Because her focus was on international business, the opportunity to not only travel to a new country but to see first-hand how global businesses operate was a valuable experience.

Being able to see how Americans approach business negotiations was insightful. “I learned many things about the American management and negotiation styles and it is very different from the image that we see in movies and shows. I appreciated being able to learn more about American society and culture, particularly as it related to business negotiations.”

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